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What is the Home Base Student Portal?

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Home Base Student Portal provides access to real-time information including attendance, grades, detailed assignment descriptions, and teacher comments. A student’s access to Home Base is through the password protected "Student Portal" at my.ncedcloud.org

How can I obtain a Student Portal Account?

If you are a Middle or High School Student, you can obtain your username and default password via your school Data Manager. Please note: Your school may have a process in place where account information will be distributed via one of your teachers .  

How do I Sign In?

Once you receive your username and password, watch the video below to learn how to sign in to and use the Home Base Student Portal. If a 6-12th grade student has not logged into Home Base before, they must first claim their account.    

Video Directions -- Our LEA Code is 681

Written Directions -- Our LEA Code is 681

Visit my.ncedcloud.org and follow these steps: 

1. NCEdCloud Username =  Your PowerSchool number

2. Password = Your default password given to you by your school (1st Time only)

3. Click on the HB - SIS - Student - LEA - 681 Button

Is the Student Portal available for Elementary Schools?
At this time, our elementary schools are not using Home Base's PowerTeacher Gradebook, therefore the Parent/Student Portal is not available this school year.  We look forward to introducing this feature of Home Base to our Elementary Schools in the future.
Mobile Apps

CHCCS has enabled a feature that allows PowerSchool mobile device apps to discover our PowerSchool servers. Because PowerSchool allows access to student data, it is highly recommended that all users passcode protect these apps. Without a passcode, practically all information on your mobile device may be viewable by anyone who gets their hands on it. This includes email and student information! 

To configure a passcode on iPhones and iPads, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. See this link to learn more:  http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4113

Android devices vary, but you should be able to set a passcode in Settings. Once in Settings, look for Security, Lock Screen, or Screen Lock. 

Links to apps:

PowerSchool for Parents - iOS

PowerSchool for Parents - Android

PowerSchool for Students - iOS

PowerSchool for Students - Android

Within the app, you can find our District Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (if asked, our zip code is 27516) or if asked for a District Code it is  ZPBJ

If you have any questions about the data within the Home Base Student Portal please contact your Data Manager or teacher.